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fifo means cunt....so therefore fifo fur, is cunt hair... also known as pubic hair
You have the intellegence of a dogs fifo
by Pink_Faerie June 22, 2004
2 35
Fucking Idiot From Ohio
That dude from Ohio can't drive because he's a FIFO
by Emily September 14, 2003
163 79
Abbreviation for "First In, First Out", and abstractly means that the first item placed into a container or list will be the first to be removed. The system is used by fine resturaunts like McDonalds in order to assure freshest average food quality, though it doesn't address the omnipresent "half of the stock is expired" or "the refrigeration temperature is too high" issues. It is noteworthy that many employees ignore the system altogether in favor of grabbing the most convenient box.
FIFO! FIFO! FIFO, FIFO, its off to work we go. *whistling* FIFO, FIFO, FIFO.
by Eidako July 01, 2003
95 36
Fucking Idiot From Ohio
Hey, that FIFO can't drive! Dude, get the hell out of the way!
by Katie Prudence September 13, 2003
113 69
Fit In or Fuck Off

Used when interviewing new prospective employees.
Well, you either Fit In or Fuck Off!! It's as simple as that.
by Fenix July 30, 2003
63 45
First In First Out, as to beat the crowd.
I want to be F.I.F.O. at the big sale in the mall.
by Ciro Damalio October 26, 2007
8 3
Fly in, fly out. As in people who fly to their workplace (usually for a week or two at a time), then fly back home. This type of work schedule is common in Australia, especially in mining companies as the mine site is often quite remote.
FIFO workers make good housemates.
by n3xia March 25, 2012
10 7
To be the first one at a event and the first to leave.
I want to be F.I.F.O. at the mall tomorrow, I hate crowds.
by Ciro D'amalio November 11, 2007
1 2