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a less than obseen acronym describing traveling motorists from Ohio. "Freakin' Idiot From Ohio"
"why is this FIFO doing 65 MPH in the show-off lane?"
by John (SC) January 18, 2005
A fifty dollar bag of chronic.
"Can I get a fifo?"
by Diego September 01, 2003
First In, First Out.

1. This term indicates that once a playa has hit some skins or copped some booty he is First in, First Out.
2. It is commonly used in relation to the accumulation of hits a playa has had, being the amount of times he scores with a whore.
3. Once in effect, the FIFO rule, will exclude any hoes that have already hit by another playa and consequently does not add to one's score.
4. The FIFO rule must be observed under all circumstances.
FIFO baby, First in First out.
Once I hit that ass it don't count no mo'!
by Ci-$, aka Ceasar Leo April 04, 2005
fifo means cunt....so therefore fifo fur, is cunt hair... also known as pubic hair
You have the intellegence of a dogs fifo
by Pink_Faerie June 22, 2004