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First, you place your balls into a huge bucket of coleslaw. Then, you widen your loose girl's anus and dip the boys right in there. Then, you pull 'em out and slap her right in the face with them.
Willee E. still has stains on his face from when Matt pulled the Sandi E Dip N' Slap.
by b-pot April 21, 2004
To drop your balls into the widened anus of another person. Named after the pioneer Willee E.
After his asshole I did rip, I proceeded to give him a Wilee E Dip.
by b-pot April 02, 2004
Acronym for "Fucked In the Ass". Used when you get screwed over.
Dude, you just got fia fia'd.
by b-pot February 02, 2004

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