FHS is run by a bunch of nazis, but the chicks are hot there.
by dcomposed December 21, 2003
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Floating Hitler Stache (v )- Its majestic and stealthy... and can strike at any moment
Mark: So today I was sitting at my desk and out of no where I was attacked by a small rectangular piece of facial hair.

Chad: Man, You got FHSed.
by BraLubricant October 14, 2010
For Heaven's sake!
FHS, why would you do that?!
by cathcock April 03, 2011
Abbreviation for Fuckin' Heaps Sick
I'm getting on the cans tonight, hopefully drag a hot chick home... should be FHS.
by Micko83 June 12, 2010
Fire Hydrants, also known as Free Hits. Unknowing people walk past, spot the FH, with one foot on the lid they may freely attack whoever walks closest to them.
"OH SHIT, you totally got me with that FHs man"
by choisiisfff November 11, 2009
Female Harmonics. This term means the singing voice of a female, something usually practiced by the singer type, an artist or musician. Normally, the harmonics are good. BFHs means bad female harmonics
rockgirl #1: Oh i dont know, i think our song sounds to metal-ish

rockgirl #2: No, dont worry, once we add my FHs it will sound wayy different
by blahblahblah25 May 10, 2009
Shortened for Front Hand Spring
Look at that guys FHS!
by X Pyro X September 02, 2005

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