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Handginity(v): The word handginity originates from a small town in Saskatchewan, Canada... Much like virginity, it is an act of losing your innocence. Handginity in turn, is the act of touching a penis or other genitalia , whether directly or second-handedly.
Ex. Did you hear? Mark lost his handginity at the ripe age of 7.
by BraLubricant June 10, 2010
Floating Hitler Stache (v )- Its majestic and stealthy... and can strike at any moment
Mark: So today I was sitting at my desk and out of no where I was attacked by a small rectangular piece of facial hair.

Chad: Man, You got FHSed.
by BraLubricant October 14, 2010
(n): A more politically correct term for calling someone a cunt. The word boner hole was invented by Tim Hovind who resides in a small Saskatchewan town.
John: Look at that stupid woman trying to drive in the city.. She just about hit more pedestrians than I have!
Tim: Yeah.. What a boner hole!
by BraLubricant August 27, 2010
(v): Having never eaten the dessert "sex in a pan".
Mike: "Oh my god, I had the most orgasmic piece of sex in a pan today!"

Julie: "What is this sex in a pan that you speak of?"

Mike: "Are you trying to tell me that you have not yet lost your panginity? Well now that is just sad."
by BraLubricant August 25, 2010

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