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Fucking Hot Babe
Yo Yo Yo Look At That FHB Damn My Nigga
by Evian Loves You! November 14, 2003
family hold back!

When you have guests at your house and your running out of food.

Mostly used in the Caribbean
"go tell your brother fhb"
by bajan up north March 02, 2007
Family Hold Back. If unexpected guests arrive for dinner
and there may not be enough food, this is whispered among the family.
I guess the Jones family is staying for dinner, FHB!
by grey gooseMN April 11, 2011
Finger Her Bro.
Mate. she's hot! FHB!
by alzxox April 11, 2011
future head boy - used to cuss teacher's pets and swotty kids
Graham is such an fhb
by jeannie doe January 30, 2009
Farmington Hood Bitches.

Farmington being a city in Connecticut also where 50 cent lives
im a real FHB 4 life kid
by youndinho March 21, 2007
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