Freshly Fucked Look. That stupid face you have on after a good lay.
As in:

Julie says: "Aaah! I got FFL!"
by mmeariane March 18, 2011
friend for life
bit like bffl (best friend for life)
for example
"billie jean is my ffl"
by Jonesy ™ May 18, 2008
Freshly F*&%ed Look
She totally was up all night with him. She was glowly this morning with that FFL.
by Halebop March 12, 2009
Find her, fuck her, leave her

When you go looking for a girl just to have a one night stand.
by xCarrots September 27, 2010
"Fucked For Life"
Romeo: Dude I failed my maths FINAL exam.

Juliet: Me too. Looks like we're FFL.


John: Was drunk as hell and banged about three girls last night. Found out they all knew each other. I. Am. FFL.


Umair's nude pictures are up on redtube. Her reputation's FFL.
by UsmanJaved March 24, 2010
full-fledged lesbian
girl 1:did you hear about that girl?
girl 2:Yeah i heard she was FFL
girl 1:Awesome
by Collie69 December 01, 2008
Abbreviation meaning Fucked For Life. Can be used to describe anyone or anything from broken objects (This is a goner) to someone who is psychologically disturbed or pathologically stupid.
"Aaron threatens to kill himself anytime a girl tries to break up with him. That kid is FFL!"
by Dana & Ang December 06, 2007

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