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Brand of water that donates money to Brazilian rain forests
Chuva is a word that means rain in portuguese
Hey Rach, can we swing by a store so I can grab a Chuva water? It's the only brand I buy. Grabba Chuva. Save the Rainforest.
by collie69 January 07, 2009
another lazy monkey
almost licked me
Oh that Ashly, she's just ALM.

OMG she what?!
thats right. ALM!!!!!
by Collie69 January 14, 2009
rapid lesbian sex
Cleen: Hey Rach, you feeling down?
Rachel: yeah
Cleen: how about a little RLS to cheer you up?
Rachel: YeAHHH baby!
by Collie69 January 14, 2009
full-fledged lesbian
girl 1:did you hear about that girl?
girl 2:Yeah i heard she was FFL
girl 1:Awesome
by Collie69 December 01, 2008
1. "by the f*ck" (a different version of by the way)
2. "better think fast" (this will be used when attempting to play off a BTF usage, very ironic)

rake: Yeah homework sucks...
carrot: I know! oh and BTF do you want to hang friday?
rake: def.

Hi mom!
what does your shirt mean?
uh..better think fast! its a joke
by Collie69 December 01, 2008
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