ffd stands for fit from distance. It refers to when you see somebody that appears fit when looked on from far away, but when they get closer you realize that they aren't actually attractive.
John: Oh mate check out that chick across the street! She is well fit! Oh look she's crossing the road..

James: Are you blind?! Her face looks like it's made out of leather!

John: My bad, but to be fair she was ffd
by Le2mandem June 21, 2011
Top Definition
Face Fap, Dick Slap
I gave her the good ol' FFDS last night
by cmjmjm June 30, 2011
Five Finger Discount
Yo, did you FFD those jacks at Slevy?
by FURG March 11, 2005
acronym for: Fur Fuqn Days...
Its like i was pooping FFD!!!
by smokem May 25, 2006
Fat Fuck Denial - someone, usually a female, who is plus sized, yet tends to wear clothes much smaller than what is able to withstand there gargantuan size, making them a "fat fuck". This is in the attempt to "deny" that they are fat and fit in with the thin people crowd. Some clothes these people prefer are So-Lows, Spandex, Speedos, or sometimes no clothes at all. More preferable clothing for these people to wear would be ponchos, sweatpants, garbage bags, tents, houses, etc.
Fat Bitch: Yes, do you happen to have these So-Lows in a -
Clerk: NO WAY, BITCH! Size extra large couldn't fit you. You an FFD! Try goin' to Big & Tall! Maybe they have something that fits. Can't fit through the door? Let me grease the sides fo' you!
by Ben and Sebastian December 10, 2005
It stands for Fantasy Football Disorder, which is a disorder that prevents you from doing work.
Bob: "Did you finish your essay last night."
Alex: "No I suffer from FFD"
by DICKHEAD123 October 01, 2014
fucking female dog.
Omg! Chelsea is such a ffd
by Devil Kisses June 22, 2009
Acronym for Fat Fucking Disgrace. This abbreviated form is used when tact or secrecy is necessary, but also in the interest of speed. Further secreted and shortened by the term fifty.
"Man! Holly's taken a meal break for the third time on her 8-hour shift. What an FFD!"
by Dean PGH June 10, 2008
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