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9 definitions by FURG

A undisclosed group of cliffs and chutes at the ski area A-basin in Colorado. Its location is secret.
Bro, did you huck furgerator fingers? Yeah they were sick!
by FURG March 11, 2005
11 2
A gangsta term for the convienence store 7-11.
Yo, Im gonna hit up slevy and ffd me some jacks yingin.
by FURG March 11, 2005
8 0
Five Finger Discount
Yo, did you FFD those jacks at Slevy?
by FURG March 11, 2005
22 15
n. a very large coffee cup, capable of holding five to six regular cups of coffee.
v. the act of filling a jungle mug, and hence stealing everyone else's share of the coffee.
"Don't jungle mug my coffee, biatch!"
"we don't really even own a jungle mug"
by FURG October 07, 2007
5 0
A term used frequently to refer to the television show, the X-Files. The Sketch comes from sketchy.
Dude, the sketch files are on tonight, are you ready to get sketched out.
by FURG March 11, 2005
6 1
To steal someone in the lip; To kick ones butt and steal thier shoes.
Man, that mug got shoe stole.
by FURG March 11, 2005
6 1
In Maryland, it is slang for Youngen. Used to greet or identify a person without using thier name.
Yo Yingen, you best back off before I steal you in the lip.
by FURG March 11, 2005
5 2