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Fit For A Fatty, ie attractive for a larger sized person.
My god, James Corden is soooo FFAF
by yemisdte February 24, 2009
11 17
Free For All Friday.

The best day of the week according to the celebrity gossip community ONTD. It's the one post every week where you can reply with off-topic comments and the mods won't get mad.
I can't wait for class/work to be over so I can visit FFAF
by notastan May 09, 2009
68 8
Flying fat ass fuck.
Person 1: I just spent all of your money. Sorry...
Person 2: What the FFAF!? There's none left!?
by sandcastle136 November 20, 2008
1 9
Fit for a fuck.

When a girl isn't exactly hot but you would anyway..
Bloke 1: I tagged this chick last night, looked terrible but she had a fine body..
Bloke 2: You mean she was FFAF?
Bloke 1: AYE!!
by AdamLee October 03, 2007
5 14
Short form of the ever so good band Funeral for a Friend. Who just so happens to own.
person 1: yo man did you check out that ffaf concert yesterday?
person 2: yeah man, they rock!
by anti-hero November 04, 2004
46 71
A gay emo hairstyle consisting of the fringe covering one eye. Pronounced: faf.

Originated from Funeral For A Friend haircuts - the emoest of the emos.
Gibson 2.5 and Jason both have a ffaf because they are gay emos.
by Jalopadus November 06, 2005
10 47