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Fit for a fuck.

When a girl isn't exactly hot but you would anyway..
Bloke 1: I tagged this chick last night, looked terrible but she had a fine body..
Bloke 2: You mean she was FFAF?
Bloke 1: AYE!!
#fit #for #a #fuck #women #sex
by AdamLee October 03, 2007
Tipsy borderline drunk. The familiarly affectionate period when you're having a good time but have yet to spewed on yourself/others, effectively wrecking their night. The potentially unfortunately period where you remember what you did enough to regret it. The period you aspire to, every time you go out (and somehow manage to surpass). The best feeling of all time.
Hungover: Big night?
Recovered: I was TBD, da best.
Hungover: Good times. I don't think I've ever been TBD. It's either one or the other.
Recovered: You're missing out. Gain some control, man.
#drunk #tipsy #almost drunk #almost tipsy #drinkdrankdrunk #sober
by Adamlee December 15, 2013
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