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An Un-Treatable Medical Condition where the sufferer is in denial of two severe mental conditions, resulting in self-obsession.......
These are :

a:) Being Clinically Obese

b:) Thinking you have a sense of humour, to the delusional point that you have convinced yourself you are an Hilarious Comedian, albeit a Clinically Obese Un-Funny Hilarious Comedian.

Symptoms include being Fat and Totally Un-Funny, eating all the pies and loving the sound of your own Fat Squeaky fat-ass voice.

Long term prospects are not good for any person you come into contact with.

Only known cure: Tear up your Equity Card and get back to working in McDonalds where you belong Fattie..!
Stacy: 'Gavin, you Fat, Un-Funny Talentless Bastard, Victim of 10 years of a UK Labour Government, why did you give up your job at McDonalds?'

Gavin: ' I'll tell you why M'fanwie, I am James Corden and because I am under the illusion I am a Funny Fat-Ass Toss-Monkey, when I'm not.... Innit! Plus there's nothin' wrong with bein' the only Gay in the Village!'
by Mike Leigh, Smartarse June 25, 2010
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