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Fat fuck for life!

-One who lives for food.
-One who "cannot put down the fork."
Harry: I just consumed a full turkey, 3 big macs, 9000 chips, 3 liters of coke, 2 dozens of eggs and a block of cheese. ..I'm famished.

Dick: Dude! Your a FF4L!!!
by CH1NK$T4R October 30, 2009
abbreviation for: "Fringe Friends for Life"
Grizzy and that tall bald headed mofo missed last nights epic dubstep party because of that tv show Fringe. I swear those two are FF4L !!
by sageonefringe June 13, 2011
A "Feisty Flamingo For Life", a team of very intelligent students that win every class competition.
Me and Dakota are FF4L
by jennny414 June 15, 2012