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Two people who knew each other around town but rarely spoke. One got a fringe then the other and a friendship was born.
"Hey Sophie I love your fringe"
"But you have the same hair. We're fringe friends."
by eyelyktee July 05, 2013
8 Words related to Fringe Friends
1. A person you kindof know and who kindof knows you too. Possibly met at a class or in a group gathering. Someone you would be willing to wave and smile at but not someone you would stop and talk to.
2. A person you do not know very well but it is awkward to not aknowledge them when you see them.
You see *Katie* in the halls. You wave, she waves back. You keep walking and so does she.
*You two are fringe friends, you notice and pay attention but nothing more than that.
by Eyecrosser March 12, 2009

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