Nick name 4 gurls who av over sized bums, but in a nice way ;)
i.e 'oi fatass u walkin home?' (zelly)
'oi fatass cum help me' (chloe)

But ma fatass gurls r gr8 :p
by Its not about the BIke! August 08, 2005
An ugly, fat person... Often having ugly fat children and being extremely stupid. Also have a tendency to be a slut.
'Dustin's Mom'

'Dustin's mom was unable to move because she is a fat ass.'

'Dustin's mom is so ugly she couldn't even look at her fat ass in the mirror without passing out.'
by Guy2000 June 08, 2005
One whose bloated sacs of cellulose have swelled to the point where the pressure ruptures their spinal cord and travels to their brain, infecting their ability to reason and speak proficiently.
by beadhead November 24, 2003
1)Somebody with a fat ass
2)Someone who tries to be a fat bitch
;Scouter Andrew that cunt ass cock sucker who keeps trying to kick me out of scoutes (hes a fat ass)
by Lucylady210 November 28, 2006
A kid who sits at my table at lunch and fricken eats so much. And he dosent even eat the fucking right things.
Gosh I really hate fat ass people.
by Luke Witthoeft December 07, 2005
a person who is overwieght but only to the extent of 2 or 3 chins, and a fat face like and ass
eric is one fatass, just look at his ass face and 2 chins
by g-reg r to the osen July 18, 2005
Someone wwith an uncontrolable erge to eat
"Heaven is never being Full"
by Booth August 06, 2004

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