Nearly half of the people in America. Maybe more.
Dude that guy's a fatass.
by sXe vGe April 29, 2010
A derrogatory word used to describe an overweight person.
"You're such a fatass."
by Emi Suicide February 15, 2007
if you looked this word up... YOU ARE
you have GOT to be a fatass to even think about looking up this word on get out more
by Eddie J. April 13, 2007
1. A person with an over abundance of denial and apathy concerning weight and health.
2. One without the propriety of watching what one eats and how often.
3. An ass youz wanna get wit.

Also see fatfuck.
That fatass was just asking for diabetes!
by Kevin Beal April 23, 2005
A fat person that is a waste of human flesh, and couldn't even have the decency to be a waste of a small amount of human flesh.
Godamnit not fatass again!
by alfa May 13, 2004
An obese asshole.
"Hey fatass, get out of the way so I can eat!"
"But I haven't eaten in ten minutes."
"Oh boo fucking hoo! I haven't eaten in three days!"
"You haven't eaten in three days? Oh my God, you're a zombie!"
"Fuck you, shithead."
"Don't start with me. Compared to me, you're a twig. No wonder you're so mean."
by Anonymous July 13, 2003
a person who is overwieght but only to the extent of 2 or 3 chins, and a fat face like and ass
eric is one fatass, just look at his ass face and 2 chins
by g-reg r to the osen July 18, 2005
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