michael nord- having qualitites of a homosexual man, chronic masturbation, laziness, and also may be referred to as jiggaboo.
Hey fatass get over here
by jimbob7861 March 11, 2010
A Person who has more than 1 chin and has big ass man tits bigger than any porn star and a stomach the size of a blue whale also will eat anything it comes in contact with.
"MIKE you fatass lose wieght!"

"No I like being fat jeezzz."
by Eric Shawn August 08, 2006
Someone with a very wide region for their ass to occupy in the world. They are usally made fun of their big ass

"Hey Fat Ass! Don't down, your big ass might break it!"
by UrbanTeen April 21, 2006
a big booty woman or woman with a applebottom
sir mix alot definition of the word fatass: "Baby Got Back"
by tapthatass September 08, 2005
some with an over-abundance of ass.
that bitch is a fat ass
by Bob December 10, 2003
1.(adj.) A person who eats food like it's going out of style (i.e. frequently and in large quantities).

2.(adj.) A person is needlessly overprotective of his/her food.

3.(adj.) A lazy person- an EXTREMELY lazy person.

4.(n) A derogatory term for a person that is overweight. (such a person would have a very fat ass - hence the term).

5.(n, adj.) Any person that expresses any combination of the four traits above.
1. Person 1: I'm hungry.
Person 2: But you just ate 4 T.V. dinners half an hour ago!
Person 1:Ionno, I'm still hungry.
Person 2: Man, you're such a fatass.

2. Girl: Can I have a french fry? *Takes Fry*
Guy: OMG! NO! *snatches fry and hides french fries*
Girl: Jesus. There's no reason to be such a fatass.

3. Billy was such a fatass that he felt the need to drive his car to the supermarket down the block.

4.(on the subway)

Anorexic 1: Oh my god, look at that fatass over there! He's taking up two fucking seats!
Anorexic 2: If I was that fat, I would just kill myself right then and there.
Fatass: Look at those two waifs sharing the seat over there. Eat a sandwich, skinny.

5. -
by dont i know June 18, 2009
some one really big, that ways alot
that bitch tiffany in my class is a Fatass
by dynokid November 01, 2006
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