To be a complete asshole; Not caring about anyone but yourself; Fat, Gross, Hairy.
"I can't believe he did that. Fuckin' Fandy."
by guy2008 May 12, 2008
A Fandy is found on slightly fat men with shaven pubic hair. The Fandy is only noticable when a man is sitting down, nude or pantsless.

As a consequence of the man's "little bit" of extra weight, when the man sits down, it looks like he has a chubby, shaved vagina.
When he took his pants off and sat down, I realised he had a big fat Fandy!
by Fanders Tracy May 28, 2009
A rather large person usually resembling a football. Commonly seen with blonde hair and pie. It is a mixture of fat and Andy. The creature usually has relapses and suffers from anorexia nervosa at certain stages in its life cycle.
Dude 1 - OMG you seen that kid over there? Dude 2 - shit he's such a fandy!

by bigbubba2k9 April 24, 2009
A adjective for describing someone's ass in good way. Derived from the other word for ass, fanny.
"Oh, that girl's trunk was so fandy."
"I wish my ass was more fandy!"
by Fletherz March 12, 2007
Whilst slightly drunk, a young man and his friend were trying to think of what a camp female would be called. "Dandy" meaning a flamboyant male, it appeared that there was no such word for females.

Thus, female and dandy were combined to make "Fandy".

Fandy - A camp, perhaps homosexual female.
She's such a fandy!
I am the fandiest man!
by Lat July 01, 2004
Combining Fine and Dandy to get Fandy
Ooh that cell phone charger is Fandy!
by Princess 34 November 30, 2015
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