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Abbreviation for Feline AIDS.
Cat AIDS in lamence terms.
Eg 1,

Isaac: Have you heard about Big Tom?

Joe GT: You mean Jeremy's cat?

Isaac: Yeah, hes got FAIDS.

Eg 2,

Mr Clifford: Remember the time we found that bag of excrement at my house?

Jacob: Shit yeah, we're lucky we didnt catch FAIDS!
by jMiR February 16, 2010
An acronym that stands for "Financial Allocation Ineptitude/Disability Syndrome", and refers to an inability to properly manage financial assets. Those who suffer from FAIDS usually suck horribly at Monopoly, and are constantly over-drafting their bank accounts.

Members of both sexes can suffer from FAIDS, examples being women who buy excessive amounts of clothing or men who buy useless tools that they will never use.

One of the easiest and most effective treatments for FAIDS is using scissors to cut up the victims' credit cards.
Guy 1: "Dude, what the fuck! Don't just buy every damn property you land on, use your brain!"

Guy 2: "Sorry man... I can't help it... I don't know how to deal with my money... I.. *sniffle* I have FAIDS!"

Guy 1: "My god... I had no idea..."
by phroot January 23, 2009
FAIDS or FADES, featured in the comic titled The 120 Nights of St. DeathCruise, is short of Fish Aids. Fish Aids was originally coined when the author saw a person fishing in the Hudson River, NY.
Eating a fish infected by FAIDS will result in death.
by RaineLizander September 10, 2006
facebook aids
Jack poked Mary and gave her faids.
by Kenaaron October 03, 2010
Faids, n. abrv. Face Aids - To mean facial aids, aids of the face.
I hope she gets faids. She can bite ma shite!
by Chris E February 25, 2005
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