f*cking absent father
your dad is a FAF f*cking absent father
by alimoetoe February 04, 2009
fly as f*ck... this is a very elite group... in order to gain entry into it you must do something manly. i.e.: playing butt bash or lighting your manhood on fire.

a group of c-town boys who can't be stopped. due to reasons of vulgarity, it's also known as 'fast and furious.'
anyone who has the sticker on the back of their vehicle is FaF.
dude... he lit his cock on fire. he's FaF fo' sho'.
by raw.legacy November 19, 2008
Fit as Fuck!
That east european chick is FAF!
by David Greenheld July 14, 2008
1. Fat As Fuck is what i've always used it as, however, apparently it can also stand for:
2. Fit As Fuck
Shit, that girl is faf!
by Maxx69 February 09, 2008
Fat ass friends, two best friends who are fat.
you two are faf's.

nothing better than faf's.
by AERIC!!!!!! August 28, 2007
Funny As Fuck
dude that's FAF
by Pyro June 16, 2004
Fat and Friendless. An acronym used to describe people who are both obese and unsociable. Can also be used sarcastically or as an excuse.
General Usage:
"Pfft, I dont have a date to prom, im too FAF"
"Hey look at that FAF'er over there without a date"
"Why would I be friends with him? He's FAF..."

Jenny: Why aren't you going to the party tonight?
Nick: I'm FAF.... duhhhhh!
by FAF King November 24, 2011

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