Someone who messes around doing a lot of activity and takes a long time to get job done
Instead of fafing around, I'll get an expert to fix it
by Julian May 08, 2003
Fit As Fuck
Shes Faf
by Anonymous March 14, 2003
Meaning: Funny as Fuck

In reference to the conversations that are shared on Facebook or Twitter or any form of social networking site that are 'Funny as Fuck'

A direct cure for CCD (see CCD: Compulsive Complaining Disorder) it is when two sufferers of CCD come together to share conversations that are essentially random and nonsensical. Usually it will involve two or more threads of conversation.
A new cure for CCD, this radical new treatment allows the sufferer to vent in a new form and that is through the power of laugher at conversations that pretty much make no sense.
This cure aims target all sufferers of CCD, especially those who suffer from acute GCSE or A Level CCD.
Teen 1: 'Scotland beating Spain? Yeah...when pigs fly!'

Teen 2: 'If a helicopter flies over head filled with pork, you're in trouble'

Teen 1: 'It's OK, Spain scored'

Teen 2: 'Unload the helicopter lads, everything's gonna be fine'

Teen 1: 'Shit Scotland equalised...'

Teen 2: 'F**k's sake, what we gonna do with all this pork now? Load it back up?

Teen 1: 'It's OK, Spain scored again'

Teen 2: 'Fancy a baraque?'

Teen 1: 'Yeah why not...'

Teen 2: (two hours later) 'That conversation was FAF'
by FAF for CCD! October 13, 2010
Fine as Fuck: A name given to either female or male to describe an individual who is extremely good looking; hot to the highest power.
Bob: "Daaaamn! See that chick over there?"
Bill: "Hellllz yes! She's FAF!"
by Miss Libby May 01, 2008
Fresh as Fuck. There is no surpassing this level of freshness. The freshest of them all.
Look over there its the FAF cRW.
by taquaan February 15, 2007
Fine as Fuck.

The hottest level of hot. Only a few people occupy this position. Lindsay Lohan and Carmen Electra are both examples.
"Dude, she is so fine. She might even be FAF."
by Sky Walker March 14, 2005
Faf means "funny as fuck." Usually used on online chat sites when something is funnier than lol or lmao.
Guy: Faf!!!!
Girl: I know, it was histarical when she tripped.
by kiwitiwi33 June 21, 2006

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