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When you're so hungry, you start getting angry over nothing. Low blood sugar.
I haven't eaten since yesterday, I'm hangry bro.
by JayszunVanderwerff January 27, 2012
An acronym of "Fake as fuck", a term popularised by rapper Del Tha Funkee Homosapien in his 'Both sides of the brain' album (2000), denoting his view of two-faced people who say one thing to your face, and another behind your back.

"If you're brown nosin' in the industy (you fake as fuck)
Wanna pretend that you're a friend to me (you fake as fuck)
Funny style record companies (you fake as fuck)
Weak ass MC wannabe's (you fake as fuck)"
You know that dude Jackson? How he's always smiling and slapping your back, telling you how rad he thinks you are? Yeah, that's faf. He hates your ass.
by JayszunVanderwerff July 23, 2011
The circadian rhythm is the cycle that dictates what your body does when: secretions, sleep, awake, temperature fluctuations, etc; but most importantly, when it does those things.

A circadian backflip is something shift workers and people stuck on night shift experience, when they wake after dark, and go to sleep after dawn.
Person 1- "Where's Cornelius lately? I haven't seen him in months!"
Person2- "Me neither. Since he started his new job he's had a full-on Circadian Backflip. He looks just like Bela Lugosi now!"
by JayszunVanderwerff July 24, 2011
Tweetpression, sometimes known as Commentosis is the depression that engulfs a person when the object of your affection online comments to the comment after yours, and in doing so neglects to acknowledge your contribution to the thread.
The object of your affection- "I really need to get out of the house tonight!"
A person you hate now- "Yeah, same. I'm gonna go train at the gym."
You- "It's my night off, can I shout you dinner and a movie?"
The object of your affection- "Have a great session at the gym!!!"
Your inner monologue- "Total Tweetpression."
by JayszunVanderwerff July 24, 2011
To apologise via email, chat, or social networking.
I'd like to epologise to all of you, as it is impossible for me to be there in person.
by jayszunvanderwerff May 21, 2011
When someone receives a friend request from someone they don't know, and is so conceited and unfriendly that they report the person instead of merely ignoring the request.
"I got this friend request today from some guy, I have no idea who he is! I mean seriously, can't he see I'm better than him? I'm so afriended!"
by JayszunVanderwerff February 03, 2012
On websites such as turntable.fm, where users seek to gain points in order to upgrade their avatars and therefore their level of respect on the site, lower ranked users often experience anxiety related to being seen as uncool or as an inferior member of the community. As a result, they work hard to accumulate as many points as possible, in the shortest amount of time, so they can upgrade to a better avatar. Once they have attained the new status, they instantly revert to feeling anxiety until they can accumulate enough points to move further up the ladder and get avatar surgery again.
I've been stuck on 286 points all day...if I can get 14 more points I can finally get avatar surgery!
by JayszunVanderwerff July 24, 2011

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