Referring to Freshman Whores... take the F and W which makes F double U... get it F-Dub, F double U.
Ew... She's such an F-Dub don't fuck her, she's dirty.
Top Definition
Referring to gently stroking the foreskin forward (Double F) for pleasure, often acquired after getting your penile string cut.
I broke my penile string bitch, gimme me some f-dubs.
by Painfuck September 08, 2011
Federal Way, Washington. Aka the dirty south of the puget sound area. 253, cheya.
"lets roll to F dub"
by E theezie February 16, 2009
Abbreiviation for FW, Federal Way. A suburb of seattle and tacoma, connecting the two. home of some of the hardest streets on the west coast.

Federal Way, WA
i have ta load my nine before i roll through tha f dub ..
by Stu and Rheelin July 25, 2005
Fat, Dumb, Ugly, B*tch
Oh sh"""ttt, look son its an FDUB!!!

Yo homie just saw another FDUB last night while we be chillin!!
by Dr. Masterology September 29, 2010
Abrievation for drinking a forty ounce beef and smoking a fatty. fatty being slang for joint.
Before I hit the club I am going to get right and do a
F Dub
by G Earl April 10, 2008
Means the same thing as (fwb) friend with benefits
He isnt my boyfriend, but I make out with my f-dubs.
by another noobie March 25, 2007
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