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A Noldorin elf from Tolkien's epic novel, The Silmarillion. Fëanor was accounted the greatest of his people and created the Silmarils, gems of holy light, which were stolen by the dark lord Melkor. Naming him Morgoth, the Black Foe of the World, Fëanor vowed to recover the gems, and with his seven sons swore a terrible and blasphemous oath.
"Fëanor was the greatest and mightiest Noldo, bringer of greatest renown, and of grievous woe."
by Marla August 09, 2004
Eldest son of Finwë and greatest of the Noldor. First Elf to have ever spontaneously combusted.
Fëanor is the best pyromaniac ever.
by Telperion December 07, 2004

A Noldor elf with an anger management problem. Usually found running over small children.
by Bob March 22, 2003
Typically means lover of the cock
Can be used to payout someone:

My mate is a feanor
by Morphio March 01, 2005
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