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Used as a pronoun in reference to someone you hate with such vehemence, you would like to fuck them (or see them fucked)in the eyesocket. Usually a co-worker you hate, but are forced to work with.
"Eyesocket called me today, is there a bigger chode in the world?"

"Oh great, fucking Eyesocket is coming to join us for lunch"
by Du What? February 19, 2004
the hole in a face that eyes are typically found in. At times, there can be novelty products such as collector's items or pocket lint in replacement of this so called "eye." But, I digress.

the holes placed evenly on either side of a face (if you're lucky) and separated by a nose.
"Omg, Timmy, what's that thing your eye socket?" -pokes with sharp twig.-

"That WAS my eye, you bastard!" -profusely bleeding out of eye socket.-

"Hey, I don't have a place to put my Gundam Model...oh, wait.. -puts in eye socket.- GENIUS!!"
by themagicalrandom May 07, 2010
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