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7 definitions by Kam

An act where several individuals (usually male) masturbate in a circle (hence, circle jerk). This group activity was first practiced and invented in Australia.
"Kam, Jim, and Ted went to the bathroom for a quick circlejerk"
by Kam August 16, 2004
Like an orgasm for the eyes. To see something beautiful that makes you want to shout/cry with joy.
The painting was so eyegasmic I wanted to buy it. I was eyegasmicing when I saw the band's lead singer.
by Kam April 26, 2004
strange creature, more lame then lammer. fucker should be good explanation
by kam May 16, 2003
jacked up ,messed up ,torn up
That car was birdit.
by kam March 15, 2004
It is word meaning testicle.

commonly shortened to svad.
Yo! that chick was slobbering my svads harrrrsh .
by kam December 30, 2003
Store where music, movies, and games can be bought
The stupid customers that come to Coconuts should be shot in the face.
by kam February 28, 2004
lamer is someone who irritates others
by kam May 16, 2003