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the act of raising and lowering your eyebrows repeatedly.
Boy #1: Hey, you see that girl?
Boy #2: Yeah, I'd totally eyebrow her.
Boy #1: Oh? I'm eyebrowing her right now.
by Mrs. Sterious March 02, 2010
The origin of the term is that thing a girl does when she's plucking her eyebrows where she switches back and forth trying to get things even, but accidentally takes too much off EVERY time until there is no eyebrow left.

Despite the origin, this term applies to haircuts, makeup, and even external things the girl does.
Jer: Your hair looks fine woman, stop eyebrowing!
Rosey: No wait, I'm almost done, my hair is uneven!
Jer: You are such an eyebrower!
by Polymathous January 10, 2012

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