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3 definitions by toyah

a bootneck term - to be really good, nice or beautiful.
ah that meal last night was essence

that chick i met last night was essence!
by toyah August 05, 2007
term used to strengthen the truth in a promise or story.
if u break the promise or are found as a fraud ur eyebrows are shaved off as punishment
i'm not drinking for the rest of the week - eyebrows

mate i swear i pulled that essence bird over there last week - eyebrows
by toyah August 05, 2007
a term used to strengthen a promise - if u are certain u will do something u 'robocop' it.......... basically means that if u break ur promise - intentionally or not - u will be shaved from ear to ear, to ur forehead, and eyebrows by the person/s u made the promise to.
i am giving up smoking from tomorrow - robocop

robocop i'll be out tomorrow night
by toyah August 05, 2007