Every Villain Is Lactose-Intolerant. Those SpongeBob SquarePants bastards stole our idea and replaced Lactose- Intolerant with Lemons.
(Kid gets shoved out of nowhere)
"Bwahaha! E.V.I.L. strikes again!"
by TheRubberDuckyofAllThingsE.V.I.L. September 06, 2003
A look you give someone you believe to be a worthless piece of shit. Commonly dishes out to let someone know you would like to stove their melon in.

Thesaurus: Salty look, stink eye.
Rowd boi 1 - Who's that lemon over there giving me the evils?

Rowd boi 2 -Think it's that girl we spitroasted's fiancé.

Rowd boi 1 - Oh...
by TheRealSampy May 30, 2016
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