EVACUATE is hardcore punk band, forming in 2007, consisting of members of Cheap Sex, Lab Rats, All Out Attak, and 2nd Hand Justice.

Mike - Vocals
John - Guitar
Karlos - Guitar
Sean - Bass
Danny - Drums
Evacuate will start playing shows by the end of 2007.
by goose86 October 11, 2007
Top Definition

To move people out of a danger area.

They'll have to evacuate before the volcanoe erupts.
by Jafje May 10, 2007
Removing such a large amount of excrement from your bowels that it leaves a void, like the forced evacuation whites from the inner city (or injuns from their land, or jews from poland).
I have to evacuate (aka poop).
by Crakronite May 11, 2006
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