A trans man with limp wrists and a raunchy sense of humor. Can usually be found making gay jokes in a positive manner and treating women like human beings. A real swell guy.
Can you believe that guy? Why can't he be more like Eugene?
by eugenioburrinio November 14, 2014
Professional eyeball licker and exhibitionist.
Eugene will drop down his pants lick your eyeball in case you doubt about it.
by Drulez January 06, 2012
A guy who likes girls like Jing Yi, yet do not have the balls to admit it and resort to staring at them secretly, whilst dreaming of having sex with them.
That guy is such a Eugene!
Yeah, he can't keep his eyes off me!
by Paul Muad'dib September 27, 2011
A character from the video game Tales of Rebirth. He appears to be a humoniod-panther with a wigglely braid.
Eugene has a wigglely braid.
by kaori333 September 24, 2008
A person who can be described as a dumbass, or a herb. The kind of person who will go up to a deranged Ranger fan, with the knowledge that fan is deranged and say F**K The Rangers.

He the gets hit in the nuts many times, and body checked over car hoods by that one deranged Ranger fan.
That kid is so Eugene
by Jelly33 August 14, 2006
a guy with a ridiculously small penis.

he likes to take it up the ass without rubbers from guys with 10 inch dicks. after they all finish inside him, he rubs off their excess cum and lets it drip on his chin.

he drinks lots of soy milk in hopes of one day growing tits.
shit nigga, that eugene was taking it up his ass so hard last night!

did you see the ass on that girl? *turns around* oh, its just a eugene...
by notsmalldick July 16, 2011
taking a small pinch of dip using your pinky and thumb
Tom took a eugene from his friends can of Peach Skoal.
by Terrell Carter May 19, 2006

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