A weird ass guy who can't pick up girls and spends his time shooting up schools and also thinks rape should be legal
When Eugene reaches into his back pack you better run.
Eugene wants rape to be legal be cause he can't pick up girls but even if rape was legal he still wouldn't be able to rape someone.
by Kingkong the third July 06, 2016
A guy who gets all the girl with a big cock
Look at him talking to all the girl is that a Eugene?
by BIGDADDY13 June 23, 2016
Professional eyeball licker and exhibitionist.
Eugene will drop down his pants lick your eyeball in case you doubt about it.
by Drulez January 06, 2012
A guy who likes girls like Jing Yi, yet do not have the balls to admit it and resort to staring at them secretly, whilst dreaming of having sex with them.
That guy is such a Eugene!
Yeah, he can't keep his eyes off me!
by Paul Muad'dib September 27, 2011
A person who is literarilly, a penis with ears. (as in a head shaped like a penis, for you retards that dont know)
damn eugene! whats that white goopy stuff squirting out at the top of your head!
by upyourassanddowntohell June 20, 2005
a wonderful city in oregon, home of the u of o ducks. a great college city with a great community. the grass is green, people are happy, and everyone is nice. this place is as close to heaven on earth as you can get. crime rate is low, girls are hot, air is clean, and fun is easy to come by. a dull day in eugene (aka paradise) is better than a great day in other cities.
eugene is awesome, a great place to live
by brosephbrohamuel March 30, 2008
(Eugene, Oregon:) The land of filthy hippies, hobos and rain. Tied for first place with humbolt county as best marijuana grow spot in the U.S.A.
(in Futurama: after Bender steps onto the planet of bums) oh ive been here before! oh no . .im just thinking of Eugene, Oregon..

(In The Simpsons: after lisa, carl and lenny, respectivly playing the parts of sacagewea, lewis and clark, stare out over the Pacific)
Lisa: It's beautiful!!! (cue torrential downpour)
Lenny: and we'll call it, Eugene, Oregon!

(on the eastcoast of the U.S :) where the fuck is Yew-jean Ory-gon??

(In Amsterdam:) Aww man, your from Eugene, Oregon? killer product man. .
by hoesnotshmoes January 06, 2011
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