1.One of the contestants on U.K reality TV program, Big brother. Came 2nd on BB6.
2. The coolest geek ever!
Eugene: Did dar didit dar dit dit dar.Hello!
by Matty Johnstone August 21, 2005
A person who is literarilly, a penis with ears. (as in a head shaped like a penis, for you retards that dont know)
damn eugene! whats that white goopy stuff squirting out at the top of your head!
by upyourassanddowntohell June 20, 2005
Eugene, Oregon.
Home to the Hippies, Homeless, and Ducks.
A shit town in most respects, the city council makes it look clean but underneath the veneer it is a stinking cesspool of human filth.
The real trick they use is the neighboring Springfield, OR which is even worse, so they look better by comparison.
Guy 1:We been driving for three fucking hours, lets stop here in Eugene.

Guy 2: Fuck that, its only 2 more hours to Portland
by Triblets January 03, 2009

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