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Euclides is a smart, respectful, sexy, stunning, outgoing, fun, he also has a big penis, there's just so many good ways to describe Euclides. The name Euclides originated from the Greek Mathematician "Euclid" who came up with Euclidean Geometry, the basics of Geometry. He is a very charming man, known to get all the ladies, but once he finds the right woman to settle down with, she will capture his heart and be hers to keep forever.
"Yo', Euclides is the man."
by unknownandabove January 06, 2013
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Euclide is a manly man that uses his godly appearance and charm to seduce the sexiest big boobed blonde ladies. He enjoys long walks on the beaches and taking care of his family, friends, and co-workers. Euclide may look like he is a badass that cannot be broken hearted but secretly, he is a gentle hearted man who is a sucker for love. He's pretty much a beast.
Damn did you see that guy working at PacSun today? His name must of been Euclide cause he was picking up all those big boobed blondes!
by BHayes May 28, 2012

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