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A last name that defines a super cool, good-looking, all around fun, intellegent person. Everybody wants to be a Eub! They usually throw awesome parties and make beautiful babies.
Danielle: Hey, the Eubs are so awesome! I wish i was in their family! Mama Laura and Daddy Greg are the best!

Melissa: I know and Eubanks parties are so much fun!!
by Hannahbanana10000 July 23, 2011
city in north Pulaski co KY
hey i'm going to Eubank
by timtempest6 February 04, 2011
An ugly ass last name usually associated with ugly people with gay parents. They drive volvos and nissans.
That kid is sooo ugly i bet his last name is Eubanks, his parents are probably gay and drive a volvo or a nissan.
by Geraldo June 16, 2006
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