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The act of mass murdering a race who you feel are inferior to you. See also Genetic Cleansing
Hitler might tell you that his concentration camps were there for the purpose of Ethnic Cleansing.
by nikthenyetminder December 16, 2004
The inevitable bout of flaming hot diarrhea that occurs after eating certain ethnic cuisines. Thai and Indian cuisines are notorious for this. After ethnic cleansing, the entire digestive system is vacant, or cleaned out.
Even though chicken vindaloo causes severe ethnic cleansing, I still order it occasionally.
by Bruce CR October 04, 2008
What every right minded white natural born citizen of the UK should be doing. It is the practise of shooting, killing or just deporting anyone who is not white or who is a foreigner.
Laura: Shall we go Ethnic Cleansing later?
Alex: Yes I'll get my AK-47.
by xrachelx March 06, 2007
A porn involving a black lady being bathed by James MckInney
I pulled a carolyn to ethnic cleansing.
by MickeyRourke November 26, 2004
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