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5 definitions by connman

in the midwest surrounded by lakes michigan and superior, minnesota, iowa, and illinois...but you should already know that unless youre 5 years old or mentally handicapped. sometimes unbearably hot summers, and always frigid cold winters, but i wouldnt have it any other way. you gotta have balls to live in Wisconsin. well all anybody knows, or thinks they know, about Wisconsin...is that we're beer drinking, cheese headed, dairy crazy, sons-a-bitches. thats actually all pretty true. but who's to say its a bad thing? Im sure most people who put Wisconsin down have never even been here, cause its a great place. if you call it boring, its your fault because you dont know how to have fun. now theres nothing wrong with minnesota (except the vikings) or illinois (except the drivers) or any other state..so i think some folks should stop bashing Wisconsin, grow up a little but, maybe go say something good about your own state.
There's nothing wrong with Wisconsin....nothing at all.
by connman August 08, 2006
Estrogen....simply enough....is God's curse on man
Recently dumped kid: I just don't get it man...why would she dump me, kick me in the balls, then make out with my best friend on my front lawn?

Wise friend: Estrogen.
by connman August 06, 2006
this is what you call it when girls (or really girly guys) are talking on the internet and try to express their obnoxiously exaggerated feelings for something by multiplying that feeling by a hugely ridiculous number
Sally: OH EM GEE! Billy, I love you x435237234583495598!

Billy: You're ugly so i dont care...and i don't appreciate your ubernumerexaggeration
by connman August 06, 2006
an incredibly righteous classic rock band disliked only by long-haired, devil worshipping, iron maiden listening bastards
The Rolling Stones have been old for decades....Styx, however, will never get old.
by connman August 06, 2006
an operating system, created solely for computer geeks like my sister to argue about
Computer Geek 1: Linux is cool
Computer Geek 2: Linux is lame
by connman August 06, 2006