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One (either a male or a female with a very edgy, and unique name) who is covered in head to toe Gucci, Louis Vuitton, or Prada at all times. They wear expensive designer shoes and sunglasses. They are world-travelled and have friends in every country. They always know what is up. They tend to be very wealthy as their family has a lot of money. They are usually decked out in diamonds, and set off metal detectors with their swag. Sometimes one who is so swagged out may have difficulty falling asleep at night because they have forgotten to turn their swag off. It is truly a blessing to be swagged out, and one should never take it for granted.
You always look so swagged out!


I am so swagged out today in my Louboutins and Birkin bag!


My boyfriend is so swagged out, have you seen his new Rolex?
by ParisP May 29, 2011
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