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(In Australia) Cooler box. Box of many sizes used for keeping drinks cold.
Let´s skull another VB from the eskie! (Let´s drink (all in one go) a Victoria Bitters (beer) from the cooler.)
#ice box #cooler box #beer #ice #drinks #alcohol #cold #icy #australia #summer
by Lisa W September 30, 2005
The epitome of charm, wit and attractiveness. With her long hair and crazy cool charisma and love for all things chocolate, she brings all the boys (and girls) to the yard.

Loves her friends unerringly, they're her extended family. Love her family unerringly, they're her life.

BEWARE! For she is like a siren, and once you're under her spell... there's no going back.
Girl: Wow, have you seen Eskie???
Boy: -droooools-
#eskie #eskimo #eskiee #eskimoes #eskies
by Cynthiiiiaaa September 08, 2010
Short for Eskimo. Eskie is a crazy cool chic who loves Nutella and Nordstrom. She dances to the beat of her own iPod and will be famous for it one day.
"Hey, there's Eskie! She's so rad!"
by Chickee April 22, 2005
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