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Originating in the time of Confucius and closely linked with Taoism, it includes all activities, hobbies, and moments (for example, self-realizations and other forms of enlightenment) that induces a state of detachment, euphoria, occasionally memory loss, and can also often leads to adventure.
Escapeism can also be defined as a philosophy or "way" of life. The Escapeist philosophy can be defined in four parts (all of which have infinite potential to combine to fit each individuals' path):
1. The inclination to break free from confinement or control.
2. The ability to successfully avoid dangerous or unpleasant things.
3. A mastering of the art of escape to somewhere or from somewhere through certain rituals or activities specific to each individual.
4. A partiality to or impulse for temporary distraction from reality or routine.

Escapeism is not a religion, it does not involve any kind of deity, but rather a path of life and/or state of mind which exists as means of promoting compelling experiences which allow the individual to enjoy a transient, yet genuine and fulfilling euphoria.
The most common practiced form of Escapeism is often tied in with what sociologists would label "deviant behavior."

by Charlie Grassfield July 13, 2008