A word developed on Long Island, New York (Copiague/Amityville area)in the mid 90's, used as an answer, or comeback to a question with a confusing, personal, or surprising answer... when the asker didn't really want to know the answer in the first place
David: That girl wanted me to tell you something..
Jason: What?
David: ERSHH!

Mary:We have off from school tomarrow.
Alexis: Really, why?
Mary: Ersh!
by Phoenix Nora February 06, 2009
Background: Ak-Chin Indian Community and Maricopa, AZ. Definition: stupid, or retarded. Not agreeing with. To put down after someone makes a suggestion or comment.
Juan: Damn that girl is hot!!
Eric: Ersh, she's not.


Ed: Damn I look good after working out.
Jer: Ersh. . . . No you don't!!
by Big Lare January 06, 2005
A term used to add emphasize approval or disapproval of something. Can be said quickly to express excitement, or slowly to express displeasure.
James: "Hey Derek, wanna catch a shitflick, then hit the Pink Pony?"
Derek: "ERSH! You bet the fuck I do James!"

- - - - - - - -

Derek: "Damn, what is that smell?"
Danya: "I just dropped a deuce in your bathroom"
Derek: "You asshole...errrshhhhh!"
by Webster March 31, 2003
what you use when you have nothing better to say; a way of cutting people off; a nice way of saying "shit the fuck up!"
1. phill: arlette, what is going on in the movie?

by sarah, stela, and arlette November 12, 2006

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