Guitar player who has gone from being called "God" by playing a bastardized form of the blues in garage bands (Yardbirds) and psychedelic hippie bands (Cream, Blues Breakers, Blind Faith, Derek and the Domino's), to a solo artist using the same ploy of playing the white man blues. Since his hey day in the mid 70s, he's cautiously made albums that cater to his fans, never venturing too far from his middle of the road style blues and mid tempo rock he started playing in the 70s. His fan base is primarily white guys who claim to like the blues, but only if played by 'guitar heroes' and would never venture to the south side of Chicago, or stray from Beale St in Memphis. They like their blues done beer commercial style.

Its questionable if any of his material from the last 25 years has any relevance musically, with the exception of "Tears In Heaven", a quiet, heartfelt song about the death of his toddler son. So called "die hard Clapton fans" hate this song of course, becuase it introduced Clapton to a middle of the road audience and was a big hit, oh, and because "it didn't rock, dude".
Frat boy in 1978, "Eric Clapton is the best blues player there is, man."
by Oh Welles September 07, 2006
Noun: Code for cocaine, used amongst the purveyors and consumers of that particular drug. Most commonly used either as Eric or Clapton.
Yo B you got a 20 track of some Clapton?
B:Nah cuz im fresh out of Eric.
by Loudog December 11, 2004
A blue-meanie

Many people have a premise that Eric Clapton is God. That is wrong. To find out who is the real God see Roger Waters
The PRos and Cons of HitchHiking
by CatherineInRock January 08, 2004
The whitest guitar player alive, a man who plays with ­the feel and emotion of
a wet dishwag.

'God' of ripping off black blues players.
Eric Clapton, 'God' of inadvertently ripping off black blues players without credit.
by st April 21, 2005

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