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Very influential guitar player that played with some of the best groups of all time (Cream, Derek and the Dominoes, The Yardbirds, etc...) Also influenced Hendrix who for some reason became more influential but sucked at playing the guitar when it came to technicality and ability.
JIMI IS WAY TO OVERATED LISTEN TO OTHER GUITARIST AND YOU WILL REALIZE JUST HOW MUCH HE IS PWNED BY THEM. And I don't mean any of that punk or nu-metal crap i mean the Soloist.
by thelumberjack April 28, 2005
Jimi Hendrix was good for his times and also was inspired by the music of Eric Clapton. Great Song writer and created some memoriable riffs but a very messy techinical player. Deffintley not the greatest role model either. Guitarist for the masses but not for the eilite guitarist.
Satch, Vai, Johnson, Malmsteen, Johnson, and Lifemore are the best guitarists in the world. Unlike Jimi they also understand music theory, and how to read and write music
by thelumberjack April 28, 2005
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