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A movement to erase racism.
My Eracism sweatshrt says "There is only one race - the human race. Everything else is just culture".
by wiscoburgerkid May 22, 2006
1) (Ē-rā-siz-əm) n. - The removal from existence of the belief that one race is superior to another.

2) An organization that is committed to putting an end to racism.

3) A line of T-shirts that all have the word, "eracism" printed on them, along with pro-acceptance phrases such as, "There is only one race, and it's human. Everything else is just culture," and "'Freedom' comes with an educated mind."
I have an eracism bumper sticker on my car.
by N9nefan October 27, 2008
The activity of posting racist comments on the internet. Includes any and all activity that disseminates, reinforces, promotes or perpetuates racial hate via the web. Written by an e-racist, these hate-filled rants are typically found on message boards and public comment sections throughout cyberspace.
If you read the public comments at Youtube for the Micheal Richards video, you'll agree that the level of e-racism displayed there is quite shocking.

Example #2: Every time a black person is voted off American Idol, the public message board for the show over-flows with e-racism.

by HuskyMiller January 11, 2007
that stupid bumper sticker i see people with so that they can make you feel guilty when they commit stupid acts.
that black lady that cut me off had one of those eracism stickers. what a bitch.
by rightwingnut August 27, 2008
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