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A baseball bat, or other lethal weapon.
They was messin' with me, so I got's me an equalizer!
by Benjamino December 22, 2003
those big ass sunglasses that make every girl look good so you can't tell if they're actually hot
Damn, she's got Equalizers on. I wonder if she's a butterface.
by hambino78 May 03, 2007
Like a pistol or weapon that can help you out when shit gets tough.

Also, a name of a fuckin awesome guy on many games like WC3, CS, NS, and certain mmorpgs.

Fuck jap anime and Final Fantasy!!!
This ghetto bitch came to my house with a shotty. I grabbed my "equalizer" and met him outside for a shoot-out.
Equalizer pawned me into a pile of n00b shit!
by Fake Name December 07, 2004
It is similar to the "shocker." Instead of two in the pink one in the stink, it is two in the pink and two in the stink. Giving and equal amount of fingers in both the vaginal canal and the anus.
Yo Ray-Ray gave that bitch the "EQUALIZER" last night, it was off the hook!!!!!!!!!!
by Matt "The Gay Maker" Stevens July 31, 2006
A very doable female.
Comes from the 80s show starring Edward Woodward, and the hilarious word play involving the appraisal of a female's beauty using the standard 'I would' which, equally hilariously, evolved into 'Edward Woodward would'.

- Mmmm, look at her, what an equalizer.
by samuishark June 20, 2011
Similar to the Shocker or Stunner, but instead, the middle finger goes into the girl's pussy and the ring finger goes into her ass.
Jared gave Desiree a mean Equalizer last night and Levi was pissed!
by boxcarjoes October 20, 2007
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