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Having an epiphany whilst peeing.
I went to the bathroom and had an epeephany.
#epiphany #peeing #break-through #lightbulb moment #apeephany
by ajfajn May 03, 2011
An illuminating discovery while relieving oneself at the urinal.
At work, I had this issue I just couldn't figure out, so, I took a stroll to the bathroom and while I was there I had an epeephany.
#idea #solution #thought #discovery #answer
by Dahmooser December 04, 2009
The phenomenon that occurs when a male is urinating, especially into a urinal, but then realizes he also needs to pinch a loaf.
Sorry I took so long bro, I was takin' a mad whiz but I had a total epeephany so I had to stop mid-stream and run to one of the stalls
#restroom realization #loo lucidity #w.c. wtf #bathroom bebop #bog bother
by ThePunster January 17, 2014
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