One of the fastest cars. Made by Ferrari. Approx $700,000. Top speed: 217 MPH. Not too many in the U.S. Totally awesom car.
"Holly shit that Enzo is fast!"
by Matt August 04, 2004
Top Definition
Strong leader. He gets all the pussy and everyone looks up to him because he's so chill.
That Enzo kid's a strong leader! I wish we could get the pussy like him!
by iNike November 08, 2010
the cutest, sweetest, hottest guy you will ever meet. the best boyfriend a girl could ask for
kt: wow last night was the greatest
kayla: oh were you with enzo last night?
kt: yep. we had some goooood times
by a very satisfied girlfriend January 27, 2009
A motherfucking pimp with a limp and a fat dick from miami
damn that kids an enzo
by Headquarters G December 30, 2007
A complete idiot from a small hick-town who thinks he is smarter than he really is and lies about everything just to get more attention drawn to himself.
"Chris said he just signed with pixar and he is flying out next month to write some beats for Lil' Wayne!!"

"You really believe that guy?? He is such an enzo"
by tiredoflistening2hiscrapallday October 14, 2009
someone who flirts with girls a lot , but is also gay at the same time.
Will you please stop being an Enzo.
by Incaka February 17, 2015
It is derived from numerous threads started about various Ferrari Enzo crashes that occurred. For some reason us RL OT'ers were particularly drawn to news articles about celebrities crashing Enzos so we posted a lot of them - and many were re-posts.

In general, "Enzo" is meant to be a humorous way of saying "repost, you f'ing idiot" when someone starts a thread when there already is one on the subject. Dr. Jupeman, Rennlist
This thread is an Enzo.
Enzo noob!
by 153BigBlock October 23, 2009
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