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Tall and pretty. Enjoli usually has a lot of blonde moments. She is sweet and caring and sometimes a cry baby. She is a good friend when she wants to be. The best thing about Enjoli is that she is a great mother.
Do you like Enjoli?

Most of the time but she is a crybaby.
by chuckyc February 28, 2013
A somewhat tall, very beautiful girl that doesn't realize that she is beautiful to certain guys that she very close with....her name means Enjoy Life....given by her wonderful mother. She is good at making friends and is into art and inside a singer. When she grows up she wants to be a artist/nurse and will be very successful at it. She means alot to most people of the world. In other words Enjoli is so angelic....that if she doesn't like you. Its your fault.
Boy 1: I really like this girl. She's perfect
Boy 2:Who is she?
Boy 1:Her name is Enjoli. <3
by butherman December 18, 2014
a stank ass perfume that smell worse than my grandmother
Q: What is that nasty smell?
A: Oh that's Enjoli.
by xxfalteredlifexx June 19, 2008

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