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the most expressive language on the face of the earth. although widely insulted for it's strange spelling and grammar, no other major language on earth can convey ideas as precisely or as diversely as the english language. This is largely because of the huge amount of words that make up the english language, which dwarfs the vocabularies of other languages by comparison.

it's name is derived from the anglo-saxons.
as a kid i grew up speaking spanish. thankfully, i learned english and now i only speak spanish when i have no other choice.
by bobertdude December 03, 2007
It dies with each word we speak...
by Shawn B. October 09, 2003
The language that former Pres. George W. Bush is still trying to learn.
Bush's rape of the English language:

"They misunderestimated me."
"Education is my top priority. However, education is not my top priotrity."

"Border relations between Canada and Mexico have never been better. "
by Eliyon July 11, 2009
The unoffical international language.
How Auxiliary languages such as Esperanto,Ido and Interlingua got tossed aside for that confusing pile of crap known as English is beyond me.
by Moonrunner September 24, 2006
THE worst class ever.
We know how to speak english, dammit!
by wakalakalover45 May 03, 2005
The greatest race on earth.
Advice given to American soldiers in Bosnia by there own government:

Don't drink with the English.
Don't gamble with the English
Don't fight with the English.
by Donside April 09, 2006
1. A quirky little langauge that you wont have a chance of understanding unless you jump in with both feet. English often makes little sense when anylised but is certainly fun none the less, and which by some ungodly reason managed to spread to pretty much most of the world.

2. An even quirkier group of people that can do things downright eccentric, flamboyant or outragous and still maintain their dignity. A group of people that have ministries not departments, tea not coffie and an accent renouned in most of the world. An englishman has a natural born ability of self depreciation, a complex sense of humour (with a 'u'), and a brilliant cricket team (just dont tell the australians that). The english are also rather renouned for complaining about the weather or lack-there-of.
1. It's not color, its colour, and they're not cookies, they're biscuits!

2. A: Oh my gosh is'nt the weather just awefull
B: 'isnt'?, use proper english sir.
B: Oh so sorry, but we still won the cricket
A: So we did, how absolutly spiffing!
B: Oh do pass the tea
A: There you go, biscuits?
by Russell Dawson June 13, 2006