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A working class football supporter from the north of England.
A typical Englandblade can be found wandering the streets of Sheffield uttering inane sentances to anyone unfortunate to come into contact with him.
Typical Englandblade comment
"becks is buying a cottage. he has been seen cottaging round the corner from his homo sorry home, but bumed in to stan collimore. excuse the spelling .whos going to pull up next."
by Paolo Shandy + Jimbo May 12, 2004
Imagine a drunken Lansdowner and you`re 10% of the way to an Englandblade. Nouse, wit, banter, humour, knowledge, sarcasm, and the, are all words that an Englandblade doesn`t know the meaning of. Sharp objects, household detergents and Internet access are all things that shouldn`t be left in reach of an Englandblade. If you ever meet an Englandblade be nice to him, pat his head, wipe the dribble from his chin, and ask him if he wants a Rusk.
A typical example of Englandblade speak. "dont think so wise,phedophile i know you :wanker:"
by Wise & mr L. May 13, 2004
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